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Help! I'm in love with NPC. (14th Feb 23 at 12:44am UTC)
At this time to recall their own experience of all, before the confusion of all the places suddenly clear. Why did those people always let her run errands back and forth, why did three boxes suddenly appear after killing Jinlong, why did the boxes suddenly disappear, why were many functions of the package so unreasonable, and why did she go to Yunwu Mountain to kill people. She had noticed it for a long time, she had noticed it was wrong, but she had never wanted to think about it. She has been afraid all the time. She so hard to live, hard to practice, hard to want to return to Caiyun village, so hard, want to be with Jiang Xiao. She thought she had found happiness and found the meaning of existence in this world. Now tell her that everything is false, including herself. Why is this happening? Why is this happening? But where else can she go besides games. Her body is dead. She died in that car accident. May be God can not see, let her through, but how funny to let her wear into the game. Tears fell without a sound. Jiang Xiao wanted to come forward, but Nan Xi shrank back again. Jiang Xiao only felt that his heart was pinched to death, so that he could not breathe. He wanted to say something to comfort him,Automated warehouse systems, but the words were stuck in his throat and he couldn't say a word. Unable to stop her tears, Nanxi raised her eyes and suddenly smiled. This is a game, isn't it? Well, if I die, will I come back to life? I don't know when a dagger appeared in her hand, and the tip of the dagger was aimed at her heart. Orion's heart flinched. It was a dagger from him, and Nanxi kept it with him all the time. No But Nanxi had resolutely plunged the dagger into her heart,automated warehouse systems, and she laughed with tears in her eyes. If it wasn't a game, would I be able to leave? Chapter 49 Red Maple Star, Nanjia Mansion. The rapid sound of the alarm rang through the house. All the robots and servants immediately ran to the house where the alarm was sounded. I saw the lines displayed on the brain wave detector originally placed in the corner of the room, from the smooth fluctuation to the top, and very intense and rapid beating up. The man who had been lying calmly in the game warehouse seemed to want to get rid of some bondage and struggled violently. Her fists were clenched, her legs were tight, and her eyelids were blinking violently, as if they were about to open in the next second. This process lasted for two minutes. But eventually, she slowly calmed down and her rapid breathing began to calm down. The violent fluctuations on the instrument disappeared completely in a moment, just as the initial, even weaker than the initial fluctuations seemed to jump. Kay had climbed out of the game bin. She threw herself on the game bin next to her and took the pale and thin girl out of it and put her on the bed. The brook? What's the matter with you, the brook? Kay looked at the instrument nervously and fearfully. The servants poured in, metal racking systems ,metal racking systems, and the medical robot skillfully covered the girl with instruments, and her breathing gradually stabilized. The patient was strongly stimulated, but the brain was not damaged. The medical robot said in a mechanical voice. Kai took Nanxi's hand and said, "Is there something wrong in the game?"? Don't be afraid. Mom will be there to protect you. Don't be afraid. She patted Nanxi's hand and murmured. Tears also fell down with heartache. Nanxi's fingers seemed to move, as if struggling, but in the end they did not break free from the bondage of the body. Nan Guozhang received the news and rushed back quickly. As soon as he came in, he was hammered by Kay. Something must have happened in the game, but I can't find her all the time. How did you talk to Nuoyi Company? "There has been progress. Tomorrow we will go to see Jiang Xiao, the vice president of the company. We will soon know what happened to her in the game. Don't worry." Nan Guozhang held Kai in his arms and comforted him for a while, and Kai's face was a little better. The two men pulled out the records of the house and saw what Nanxi looked like when the alarm was just issued. Kay threw herself excitedly on the light screen. Did you see that? She moved. She moved. I saw it. Nan Guozhang patted Kai's hand. But Nanxi soon turned pale and unresponsive again, and Kai couldn't bear to look any more, so he turned his face away and wiped his tears. Nan Guozhang also sighed lightly.
"Don't let her get into the game until I get in touch with the game company." —— Darkness is still the familiar darkness. Nanxi curled up in the dark, her heart still aching, she covered her heart, her eyes wide open. She couldn't feel anything but the pain in her heart. Breathing, heartbeat, everything is empty. Once extremely afraid of the darkness that she wanted to escape, now she felt extremely relieved. She wanted to laugh at herself for being stupid. This was not the first time she had died, and the last time she had fallen off a cliff, she had returned to the darkness. At that time, she also thought that she was dead, and soon came back to life unexpectedly. At that time, she only thought that she was lucky and did not die, and never thought about other possibilities. Nanxi can not help but want to laugh at themselves, she is not the protagonist in the novel, how can jump off the cliff will not die. In the past, there were thousands of times when she could find that the world was not real, but she just ignored it. She had suspected many times in her heart and noticed many strange things, but she did not take them to heart. Who should blame, blame oneself too stupid, or blame Jiang Xiao too cruel, she desperately to create the illusion of desperate neglect are all torn open. It's bloody. It's not pretty at all. After all, no one can blame, if from other places to learn the truth, she can not bear the same. Lying quietly in the dark, my mind is full of mixed thoughts, and everything I have experienced is recalled in my heart. There are many times, just think a little more, maybe you can find the truth. But she still ignored the past. Thought for a long time, the mood slowly calmed down,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, she began to accept this reality, if as a game to play, it is indeed a very interesting game.
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